Ever felt like hiding behind a mask?

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Do it with prose poetry. When my friend, Clark, sent me his pre-MFA collection of poems, I flipped through the book and flipped again, backing up, sitting down, reading in depth. Clark had written a set of lined poems that torched my imagination. In his letter to me, he said: … Read More

What $36 Gets You!

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A prospective member approached me at one of our monthly meetings. “Are dues $36 a month? Or a year?” “A year,” I told her. At only $3 a month, she must have thought she was getting quite a bargain. She was! When WAG was founded in 2009, the dues were … Read More

4 Steps to Better Writing Habits

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. . . using behavioral insights. Writing is a set of behaviors, and all behaviors are affected by identifiable factors. By appropriately altering selected factors, we can improve our writing habits. As a behavioral scientist, I will list below ideas to improve your writing habits. Behavior is Everything We Do. … Read More

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