Creativity and the Art of Writing

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With glee, you crack the spine of your brand new book. You meet a poor, unsuspecting lass going about her daily business. The next thing you know, she is confronted with a challenge far above that which she thinks she can handle. She runs away, but because of circumstances beyond … Read More

Running Away to Write: A Writers’ Retreat

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  In the middle of writing your best paragraph of the day, the dryer buzzes, the doorbell rings, the dog barks, and shouts of “Mom, where is my backpack?” emanate from another room. Wouldn’t it be grand to run away for some uninterrupted time to write? A writers’ retreat offers … Read More

You’re Never Too Old

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Are you ever too old to start writing? I thought about that when a neighbor asked me, “Am I too old to learn to play the guitar?” I had just read an article in The Classical Guitar Corner on exactly that subject. My answer was, “Absolutely not!” The same thing … Read More

Make Time for Writing

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If you ask an amateur writer, “Why aren’t you writing?” the most common excuse is “I want to write, but I just can’t find the time!” This is the bottom line: You will never find time to write. You have to make time. According to author Kathleen McCleary in a … Read More

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