Bacopa Literary Review is an annual international print journal published by the Writers Alliance of Gainesville. The Bacopa Literary Review Editors’ blog shows the quality of writing we seek by highlighting work we respect from previous Bacopa issues as well as other sources. We respond to unusual perspectives, passionate voices, inventive, and compelling work.

The 2018 contest will be open from March 1 to May 31. For more information, see our Submission Guidelines.

The 2017 issue includes the works of fifty-three writers. Congratulations to them and to our prize winners:

Stephanie Emily Dickinson: Excerpts From The Trakl Diaries

Raphael Helena Kosek: Caregiver’s Journal: How to Survive, or Not

Chad W. Lutz: Ignis Fatuus, and More, at Eleven

Claire Scott: A Mote of Dust

Bacopa: Diverse, Embracing, Restorative

Bacopa Literary Review is named after a genus of aquatic plants with great variety. It includes annuals and perennials that grow worldwide in tropical and sub-tropical areas with stems low to the ground or tall; blossoms of white, blue or purple; and leaves matched on either side or curling around stems. They are used in herbal medicine, and certain species can heal contaminated soil.

Bacopa Literary Review Editorial Team, 2018

Mary Bast, Editor in Chief
A former Nonfiction Editor of Bacopa Literary Review, Bast is a frequent contributor to Bacopa‘s Editors’ Blog and maintains several work-related blogs for her Out of the Box Coaching business. Her creative writing has appeared in a variety of print and online publications and she has published five coaching books, two poetry collections, two found poetry collections, and a memoir. She’s also an artist.

Cynthia D. Bertelsen, Associate Editor
Writer and photographer Bertelsen has published essays, book reviews, and photographs, online and print. Mushroom: A Global History sprouted from her blog, “Gherkins & Tomatoes” (, while her magical realism novel-in-progress grew from the roots of medieval mysticism and herbal healing. For inspiration, she draws upon her experiences living and working in Mexico, Paraguay, Honduras, Haiti, Morocco, Burkina Faso, and France.

Susie H. Baxter, Creative Nonfiction Editor
As an acquisitions editor and publisher for a health-science publishing house in St. Louis, Baxter commissioned dozens of successful clinical reference books, authored by world renowned physicians. Recognition for her success included Times Mirror’s coveted Editor-or-the-Year Award. Her own books include C. G. and Ethel, A Family History, Write Your Memoir, and Pumping Sunshine. Baxter now teaches memoir writing at Santa Fe College.

J. N. Fishhawk, Poetry Editor
Fishhawk is a Florida-born poet, writer, editor, and activist who calls the swamplands of North Central Florida home. His work has appeared in Monkey Puzzle, Steel Toe Review, Strong Verse, Bacopa, Devil’s Advocate, Half Drunk Muse, and other print and online publications. He is the author of two chapbooks of poetry, Virus, Pt. 1: I Infest Yer Consciousness (Dreaming God Productions, Atlanta, GA 1994) and Gone (Ghost Dog Press).

Kaye Linden, Short Story and Prose Poetry Editor
Linden has an MFA in fiction and is working on an MFA in poetry. She is past Assistant Editor for Soundings Review, previous judge for Spark Anthology, and currently works as Medical Editor for “Present e-learning Systems.” A Pushcart nominee, Linden writes in all genres but favors flash memoir, prose poetry, and haiku. Her latest writings include 35 Tips For Writing A Brilliant Flash Story and 35 Tips for Writing Powerful Prose Poems.