4 Steps to Better Writing Habits

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. . . using behavioral insights. Writing is a set of behaviors, and all behaviors are affected by identifiable factors. By appropriately altering selected factors, we can improve our writing habits. As a behavioral scientist, I will list below ideas to improve your writing habits. Behavior is Everything We Do. … Read More

The Book You Don’t Read . . .

      “The book you don’t read won’t help.” — Emmanuel James “Jim” Rohm, 1930-2009. American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.   Do you remember the day you learned to read? I learned in first grade at St. John the Apostle Catholic School. “Back in the day,” kids didn’t … Read More

Point of View

When I first started writing, I thought point of view meant my opinion of something. After I posted my first story on a writing website, I was quickly enlightened. A critiquer told me I jumped around in my point of view. Point of view? What was that? With a Google … Read More

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