The Playful Acrostic

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An acrostic poem is defined as a poem in which the first or last letter of each line when read vertically will spell out a word, phrase, or name. Take a look at the following poem. What secret does it hide? A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky by Lewis Carroll … Read More

Cinematic Writing: The Power of Varying Distance

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Let’s cast our writing in cinematic terms. The reader’s “mind’s eye” is the screen. Your words are the camera, defining scenes, controlling distance from the subject, focus, lighting, and angles. I’ll address two “camera” concepts: I. Physical Distance and II. Emotional Distance. Then I’ll close with III. A Combination Example. … Read More

Writing Flash Nonfiction

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Flash nonfiction brings into question the truth of a story, its creative distortion, and the writing down to the best of one’s memory and ability the facts of a story. Just as each witness to a crime remembers the event with varying perspectives, so do we remember or report a … Read More

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