Bacopa Literary Review 2015 is the 6th annual volume of poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction by authors from around the globe, $10, 124 pages, 39 works. To order, click on Amazon.



Michael Allard, 3rd Place
John T. Battaglia
Debra A. Daniel, 2nd Place
Nicholas Lloyd
Mary Moycik
Sandra Ramos O’Briant
Bennett Paris
Ellen Perry, 1st place
Marie Q. Rogers
Amy Willoughby-Burle


Catherine Ghosh, 3rd Place
Justin Hunt
Richard Key
Michael Kite, 2nd Place
Kaye Linden, 1st Place
Sandra Ramos O’Briant


Phillip Aijian
Jeffrey C. Alfier
Nathan Blan
Katarina Boudreaux
Michelle Brulé
Valentina Cano
Sheryl Clough
Bruce Colbert
Holly Day
Darrell Dela Cruz
William Doreski
Jonathan Greenhause
Margaux Griffith
Justin Hunt, 2nd Place
Mark Jackley
David B. Maas
David Antonio Moody, 3rd Place
Lauro Palomba

Mary Elizabeth Parker
Kenneth Pobo
Kimberly Rose
Lynn Veach Sadler
Diane Stone, 1st Place
Les Wicks
Laryssa Wirstiuk

Editorial Board

Gen Aris, Editor in Chief and Poetry Editor
Gen Aris was born in the land of Elvis in the time of Sputnik to people with a decent sense of appreciation for the arts. After a long separation from the creative life—working in the social services industry—that old romance bloomed anew. He is now a writer and all-around artsy type also working the other side of the desk in his sixth turn as a Bacopa editor, third as editor-in-chief.

Jani Sherrard, Associate Editor
Jani N. Sherrard is the author of Mother, Warrior, Pilgrim, a book of essays and poetry about feminist inspired motherhood. Winner of the Hippodrome State Theatre’s 2006 Florida Senior Playwright Festival for her play, “You Poor Thing,” and the 2009 Tallahassee Writers Association Stagelight competition for her short play, “Bedtime.” Recent publications include essays in Senior Times and poetry in Penumbra.

Shellie Zacharia,  Fiction Editor
Shellie Zacharia is the author of the flash chapbook Not Everything Lovely and Strange Is a Dream (Monkey Puzzle Press, 2014). Her work has appeared in Sou’wester, The Pinch, Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Saw Palm, and elsewhere.

Pranada Comtois, Managing Editor
Pranada Comtois has thirty years’ experience in the international publishing field. She has published essays and papers in magazines, journals, and on the Internet. She writes poetry and nonfiction and is currently working on her memoir.

Dorothy Staley, Creative Nonfiction Editor
Dorothy Staley grew up in Wisconsin. Upon graduating from Lawrence College with a BA in English, she took a teaching job in Anchorage, Alaska. After spending 20 years in the far north, including five in the Arctic, she accepted a technical editing job in Washington, DC. She had the good sense to migrate to Florida in 1993. Upon her retirement in 2001, she began work on her memoir and her novel Come Good Home … now in its ninth revision.