5-13: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Survival
35 Tips for Writing a Brilliant Flash Story: a manual for writing flash fiction and nonfiction
A Roast for Coach Dan Spear: Small Town Football Dreams from Florida Fifties
Absolute Bull
Adirondack Gold
An Accidental Pilgrimage
Arctic Danger
Arthur the Arthropod
Autobiography Passed Through the Sieve of Maya
A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox
Bacopa Literary Review 2014
Bacopa Literary Review 2015
Bacopa Literary Review 2016
Barbed Wired (Macduff Brooks Fly Fishing Mysteries) (Volume 7)
Barracuda Pens (Macduff Brooks Mysteries) (Volume 5)
Bear-Trapped:: In a Trashy Hollywood Novel (Bear Huff, Detective) (Volume 1)
Blooms: A Magnolia Creek Novel
Breakfast at Leyman’s Grille
Bring Me the Gypsy
Buck Wild
Buddhism and the Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Satori
Bug Trouble
Building Networks: The Key to Small Business Success
C. G. and Ethel: A Family History
California Dreamin’
Canyon Falls: Collected Poems Volume 4
Captain Sinister’s Lady
Case of the Kidnapped Coed: Shane Ireland, Elf Detective (Sum Yung Gye:Shane Ireland, Elf Detective) (Volume 3)
Castaway Dreams
Child of the Land
Christmas in Florida
Classic Cracker: Florida’s Wood-Frame Vernacular Architecture
Coco the Homeless Labradoodle (Coco)
Colby Mouse’s Christmas Gift
Cousin Raymond
Crosses to Bear
Days of the Dead
deadly drifts
Dear Oprah: How I Beat Cancer and Learned to Love Daytime TV
Double Mayhem (A Seekers Mystery Book 1)
Dreams of Perfection (Dreams Come True Book 1)
Eeek Love
Elly and the Wretched Worm Rain
Exerting Influence: A Political Primer for Millennials, Even Those Too Young to Vote
Florida’s American Heritage River: Images from the St. Johns Region
Florida Lighthouses
Gem of the Adirondacks: Star Lake, Benson Mines, and the Global Economy
Ghost Lite
Gill Net Games (Macduff Brooks Fly Fishing Mysteries) (Volume 4)
Going for the Gold: Alchemy in Coaching
Good Girl Gone (Seekers Mystery Book 2)
Great Animal Escape Stories: True Adventures of Farm Animals
Hall of Fools
Han and the Mysterious Pearl
Harmonizer (Volume 1)
How to be Heebie Jeebie Free: A guide to help children and adults cope with fear, disgust, and gross things (Emotatudes) (Volume 2)
I ‘member one time
Ichabod Wolfe
In and Out the Dragon’s Mouth (Adventures of Gunnar)
In the Company of Strangers (TEAM ICE Book 2)
Judgement Day Archives
Lancelot’s Grail: New Age Teachings on Self Awareness and Enlightenment Set in an Arthurian Story
Life’s Rough Roads: A Jewish actor and a Catholic nun struggle for happiness
Love Comes Later
Meanie Mouse Versus the Orlando Operators: The Adventure Begins
Mexia: The Memoirs of J.C. Mulkey: A Novel
Mountain Breathing: Collected Poems Volume 2
Mrs. Betsy Fieldmouse Borrows an Egg
MULTIPLE MOTIVES (The Kate Huntington mystery series Book 1)
My Dad Wears Prison Blues
My Life in the VA: Lessons in Leadership
Native Americans in Florida
Nell’s Tavern: The Invasion (Aliens) (Volume 1)
Nudge & Boost for Better Living: An Autobiographical Novel on Using the ABCs of Human Behavior
Orebed Lake
Oswegatchie Green
Out of Joint and Other Stories
Out of the Box: Self-Coaching Workbook
Out of the Box Coaching with the Enneagram
Own: The Sad and Like-Wike Weepy Tale of Wittle Elkie Selph (The Collected Works of U.R. Bowie, Volume Seven)
Pink Baby Alligator
Pirate’s Price
Potpourri, Selected Works of Jay Carter
Prasanga: In the Underground World – Book One
Romancing Dr. Love (Sterling University Book 1)
Salt Marsh Slider
Saving Sonya (Elf Girl Book 1)
Sea Change
Second Wind on the Way of Saint James
Smuggler’s Bride
Somebody? Nobody?: The Enneagram, Mindfulness and Life’s Unfolding
Spies and Lies: The Paradox
Star Lake: An Adirondack Community in the Fifties and Sixties
Stepping on Cracks
Sum Yung Gye (Guy): Shane Ireland, Elf Detectivee
TAKE BACK TEXAS: Go Big: A Unity Lockhart Romantic Mystery – Book 1
Tales from Ma’s Watering-Hole
Ten Thousand Miles from Home
The Black Rose (An O’Brien’s Law Mystery series Book 1)
The Bride And The Buccaneer
The Entrepreneurial Mindset:Grow Your Business, Increase Sales, and Expand Your Brand!
The EZ Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous: Same Message-Simple Language
The Friend in Question
The Friends and Family Connection: Get Unplugged
The Hunt (The World’s Edge Series Book 2)
The Last House: A Love Story About Architecture and Place
The Migrant Report (Book One, Crimes in Arabia Series)
The Pirate’s Secret Baby
The Royal Carpet: Wherein The Queen Arrives Unexpectedly In Alachua County, Florida
The Secret of Warm Fuzzies: Opening Your Heart to Love and Warmth (Emotatude) (Volume 3)
The Summer of a Thousand Cheeses
The Tiger Whisperer
The Unconventional Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting Your Own Small Business From home
The Watchman of Thirteenth Street
Thinking Aloud: Dimensions of Free-Verse
Thirty Florida Shipwrecks
Time Warp: Poems
To Kill A Labrador: A Marcia Banks and Buddy Mystery (The Marcia Banks and Buddy Mysteries) (Volume 1)
Toward the River: Found Poems
Traveling Soul: The Life of Curtis Mayfield
Turtle One and Turtle Two: Turtle Consciousness (Volume 1)
Twenty Florida Pirates
Tyrker’s Tale (The World’s Edge Series Book 1)
Unmuzzled, Unfettered
Watching Waves: Collected Poems Volume 3
What to do When You Get the Bejeebers Scared Out of You: A Bejeeber Maintenance Manual (Emotatudes) (Volume 1)
Wild Dogs of the World
Wrestling God: The All True Misadventures of an Elkin, N.C. Boy (Fixing Things)
Write Your Memoir: One Story at a Time
“You’re Next!” (Macduff Brooks Mystery) (Volume 3)
Your Secret Self: Understand Yourself and Others Using the Myers-Briggs Personality Test