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WAG’s Facebook page includes news about WAG and links to enlightening articles about writing that benefit writers far and wide. Over the years, under Sharon Ketts‘s skillful management and her funny and fabulous posts, the number of followers has grown exponentially. If you are not a follower, you’re missing out.

connie morrison
Connie Morrison

Now, Connie Morrison, WAG’s treasurer, has stepped up to serve as Administrator. When WAG’s webmaster first typed this up, she inadvertently wrote “WAG’s treasure” and that is also true! What would WAG do without Connie? She also updates several pages of WAG’s website, including the membership page, members’ books, members’ websites, critique pods, and the WAG Digest Archives.

If you know of articles that would benefit other writers or news you wish to see posted on WAG’s facebook page, send an email to Connie at

Our sincere thanks to Sharon Ketts for her skillful management of WAG’s facebook page for the past few years and to Stephanie Seguin, who had the foresight to set up the page for WAG many years ago.