How Can I Help a Writer?

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The first time a friend asked me what she could do to support me in my writing, my answer was incoherent. I was so surprised, I stood there with my mouth hanging open, struggling to process what the question meant. Since that day—many years ago—I’ve come up with a better … Read More

Make Time for Writing

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If you ask an amateur writer, “Why aren’t you writing?” the most common excuse is “I want to write, but I just can’t find the time!” This is the bottom line: You will never find time to write. You have to make time. According to author Kathleen McCleary in a … Read More

How to Start A Writer’s Blog

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So you want to start a writer’s blog. I hear this from a lot of writers who have yet to take the leap into blogging. They want to know: Can they really set up a blog by themselves with no technical training? I tell them to relax. You don’t have … Read More

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