The Playful Acrostic

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An acrostic poem is defined as a poem in which the first or last letter of each line when read vertically will spell out a word, phrase, or name. Take a look at the following poem. What secret does it hide? A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky by Lewis Carroll … Read More

My Self-Publishing (Miss)-Adventure

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When I decided to publish my memoir, Dear Oprah: How I Beat Cancer and Learned to Love Daytime TV, I sent the manuscript to a few agents who expressed interest. But many of them said a book on cancer would be a tough sell. And even if the book got … Read More

5 Ways to Power Past Writer’s Block

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If you’re a writer facing down writer’s block, few things are scarier than staring at a blank Word file evocatively titled “Document1.” You sit, hands poised on (or somewhere near) your keyboard, wondering why your muse has gone AWOL while picturing every other writer acquaintance of yours typing away, creative … Read More

In the Limelight: Enneagram Style Three

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Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in series of posts by blogger Mary Bast on Deepening Character Descriptions. Knowing Enneagram personality styles can help deepen character descriptions in two key ways—being aware of (1) the range of characteristic responses and (2) the typical character arc for each of the nine … Read More

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